Gender and Shaping the Human Self: An Islamic Educational Study


  • Tasnem Al-Muhydat Yarmouk University
  • Hyefa Al-Fawares Yarmouk University



Gender, Human Self, Educational Institutions


      The aim of the research is to elucidate the concept of gender, its historical and ideological evolution in its practical application, its relationship with human nature, its impact on shaping individual and collective behavior, and the role of educational institutions, especially the family institution and media, in addressing the consequences of gender thinking. The research used a descriptive methodology to describe the concept in its historical context and to clarify the various perspectives on the concept and its impact on human nature. The research concluded with several important findings, including: The concept of gender has undergone historical evolution and practical application, which varies depending on the perspective of those who adopt and promote it to serve their ideologies and visions. It negatively affects the formation of human identity, diverting it from its intended purpose, and educational institutions, especially families, play a significant role in protecting their children from gender-based thinking. The research recommended further studies on the role of families in this regard.



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Al-Muhydat, T., & Al-Fawares, H. (2024). Gender and Shaping the Human Self: An Islamic Educational Study. Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies, 20(1), 75–96.