Terminology Renewal at al-Shatibi, its Indicators and Tributaries


  • Mohamed Semai University of Sharjah
  • Rabab Ben Ayache




Renewal, Terminology, Shatiby, Muwafaqat


This research aims to serve the book Al Muwafaqat fi Usul al Shari'a by Imam Abu Ishaq al-Shatibi by contributing to highlighting some of its refined innovative aspects. It seeks to reveal the author's precision in dealing with usuli and jurisprudential terms, as well as his concern for refining the phenomenon of attention to wording and symbols at the expense of meanings that were prevalent in his time. The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which is that the conceptual intent (Maqasid) of Imam al-Shatibi had a significant impact on various jurisprudential discussions in his book Al-Mawafiqat, leading to a noticeable renewal of many terms either structurally or semantically. The aspects of usuli renewal in Imam al-Shatibi's work were diverse; they appeared in form and content, foundation and establishment, explanation, and representation. The terms benefited considerably from this renewal; he introduced new terms that had not been used before and expanded the scope of some other terminological concepts prevalent in his time. In addition, Imam al-Shatibi is considered one of the jurists who paid meticulous attention to terminology and refining their meanings. This was because he realized the influence of terms in directing and regulating knowledge, narrowing the scope of disagreement by resorting to them.



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Semai, M., & Ben Ayache, R. (2024). Terminology Renewal at al-Shatibi, its Indicators and Tributaries . Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies, 20(1), 135–159. https://doi.org/10.59759/jjis.v20i1.374