Spiritual Guidance for Patients According to Ibn- Qayyem Al-Jawziyyah: An Analytical Study of the Prophetic Medicine Book


  • Maessa Rawabdeh Al-Balqa Applied University
  • Sana Abbas Al-Balqa Applied University




Spiritual guidance, Ibn Al-Qayem, Prophetic Medicine


      Spiritual guidance has recently received much attention at the level of medical research and scientific studies and has been used much at the level of applied and realistic treatments in hospitals and medical centers. This kind of therapy was not strange to Islamic medicine, but it was a cornerstone and a prominent feature in medicine. Ibn Al-Qayem made significant contributions related to spiritual guidance as he shed light in his book The Prophetic Medicine on spiritual recovery and its elements, and he set rules and guidelines for spiritual therapy. His writings on spiritual guidance and its sources played a significant role in understanding spiritual guidance. This research paper aims to introduce an integrated formulation of spiritual guidance based on Ibn Al-Qayem’s book The Prophetic Medicine.



Author Biographies

Maessa Rawabdeh, Al-Balqa Applied University




Sana Abbas, Al-Balqa Applied University





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