Productive activity in the thought of Imam al-Ezz bin Abd al-Salam


  • Zakaria Shatnawi Yarmouk University
  • Hamza Mashoka دائرة الإفتاء الأردنية


Production, Al-Ezz bin Abdul Salam, Economic Thought, Islamic Economics


The study deals with extrapolate and analyze the economic ideas of Imam al-Ezz ibn Abd al-Salam related to productive activity. The problem of the study was to demonstrate the contribution of Imam Al-Ezz bin Abdul Salam to building Islamic economic thought through explaining his idea of ​​production. The study used the inductive method to track the ideas of Imam al-Ezz on production, then the analytical approach, leading to the development of ideas related to the subject of research. The study comes to conclusion that Imam al-Ezz had presented in his books to a number of economic ideas that summarized his knowledge of productive activity in a manner consistent with contemporary economic thought, as he mentioned in his books specifically the four elements of production, including material and human, and a statement of related concepts, as it showed the impact of Islamic economic doctrine On production, through its presentation, the criteria governing the productive activity of a Muslim are standards of benevolence, public interest, and money. The study recommended the necessity of in-depth economic reading of the books of Al-Ezz Bin Abdul-Salam, and the gathering of the acquired knowledge and its formulation of a scientific and artistic formulation in the light of contemporary theories, in a way that contributes to completing the building of Islamic economic thought.

Author Biographies

Zakaria Shatnawi, Yarmouk University



Hamza Mashoka, دائرة الإفتاء الأردنية





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